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B2B meetings tailored for executives, business leaders, and strategists


We annouce a joint program which will bring leading companies from Europe and Azerbaijan together in the stunning capital city – BAKU.

Today’s market in Azerbaijan is changing faster than ever before, while technology, economic and social disrupters are constantly emerging and evolving, demanding businesses to adapt and embrace new business solutions and technology.

Attending to the summit which is tailored exclusively for executives and business leaders, you will have the chance to visit exhibitions, meet the executives and decision makers in the sector locally, exchange ideas, build relationships and make direct-marketing and sales.

We organize exclusive B2B Meetings where you talk directly to decisionmakers in your business segment! You gain first-class business contacts and enter an interesting new market – contact us now to join!

Your benefits

  • Profit from established market knowledge
  • Talk directly to decisionmakers
  • Explore your tailored business opportunities in a new market
  • Accelerate your business with synergies 
  • Participation in innovative conferences and workshops for the local industry
  • Shared presentations in market presence and business contacts
  • Administrative support
  • Rely on cost transparency

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  • Governmetal Institutions/Academia/Universities
  • Industrial Production
  • Museums and Art
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Architecture


Opening PPA Architects Baku

A great event with memorable moments was the Opening Event of PPA Architects Baku on 30. November 2018.


Check out some moments – follow this link to past events


The beauty of Baku and the Caucasus region

Azerbaijan is a sustainable market and fast-developing country, where you can build trustworthy collaboration and make friends in the region’s leading economy.

Of course we do not forget to utilize the chance to show you the stunning capital city – Baku and around with local executives and make sure that you create fruitful relations, get to know right people, make your company and products known in the local market and enjoy your time in Baku.

Baku, Azerbaijan



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